Break the cycle!

You've committed and two months in you've already started losing interest and your results are nothing short of dismal. Soon, you've forgotten your commitments and by the holiday season, you start the cycle all over again. Sound familiar?

BREAK THE CYCLE! Let EveryBody Fitness Personal Trainers help you develop a program you will stick to. Anybody can give you a free gym pass. We do way more than that! We’ll help you change your mindset; focus on how to eat right; how to work out and not over train; how to feel great not just look great. With an EveryBody Fitness program, you won’t be forgetting your commitments, you’ll be wearing them! Proudly! You'll be having fun! You’ll be showing off. Many months in and years from now you’ll be screaming “Been there, Done that!” You’re going to still feel great.You’re going to still look great! So think ahead and join EveryBody Fitness. Break the cycle!

EveryBody FITNESS - For Any Body!

We’re not your typical fitness center. Give us a try and we’ll prove it. We’re here to help you make a permanent lifestyle change and we stick with you every step of the way to achieve lasting results.

What sets us apart from other gyms and health clubs in Dayton, Ohio? Highlights include:

  • A friendly, knowledgeable staff in a comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere
  • Open 24 hours
  • Free tanning
  • Free child care
  • Free personal training with the most caring and compassionate personal trainers in Dayton, Ohio
  • State-of-the-art equipment including Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, Precor and more
  • A variety of plate-loaded machines, rubber-coated free weights and cardio machines
  • Sparkling clean facilities including locker rooms and showers
  • Hand towel service provided
  • Group training sessions

Exercise is vital to overall health and fitness and any weight loss program. Whether you are a fitness beginner, a seasoned athlete, or anyone in between, we can put you on a path to a healthier and happier you.


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